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Kecskeméti apricot pudding

Ingredients serve 8 people:

for the jelly:
1 jar 1 litre canned apricot syrup (approx. 4 dl),
2 dl water,
4 tbsp granulated sugar
3 dkg jelly powder,
0.3 dl apricot pálinka

for filling:
8 halves canned apricot,
8 peeled almond,
6 dl milk,
4 egg yolk,
5-6 tbsp granulated sugar,
3 tblsp wheat flour or vanilla pudding powder for cooking,
2 dkg jelly powder,
6 dl whipping-cream

for serving:
1 jar Kecskeméti apricot jam,
0.3 dl apricot pálinka


To prepare the jelly, boil the syrup with water, sugar and jelly powder for 2-3 minutes until the latter one is completely dissolved. When it is just warm, add pálinka and coat (technically known as lining) in the 8 individual pudding moulds approx. 2 dl each. Put the moulds in ice cold water, fill them with jelly which should now be only warm, then pour out the aspic after a few seconds to allow an approx. 2 mill thick film of aspic to attach to the side of the mould. Let it freeze in a refrigerator. At this point, place a half of apricot at the bottom of each mould and put 1 almond at the core (this should face downwards so that it is nicely visible when turned upside down before serving).

Bring 5 dl milk to the boil. Stir the remaining amount with the egg yolk, sugar, flour and jelly. Pour it into the hot milk and bring it to boil stirring for 2-3 minutes while it turns into a thick cream. Whip the cream until it is stiff and mix it with the milky cream which should now be warm but not jelly yet.
Pour it into the pudding moulds and let it freeze in a refrigerator until serving. Finally, the moulds are placed in warm water for a few seconds, let the pudding slip onto a plate, and sprinkle apricot jam diluted in apricot pálinka around the pudding.

Useful advice from Univer:

The hardest part of this recipe is when the inside of the moulds needs to be coated with melted jelly. It is difficult to make the pudding moulds stand on ice but there is an easier solution: put the pudding moulds in the freezer for 15-20 minutes so when the warm jelly syrup is poured into the moulds, it takes only a few moments for the required 1-2 mill. thick layer to stick to the side. Put it back in the refrigerator for a short time then you can start filling it.

You can also prepare the cake by dicing the apricot, cutting the almond in half and scatter it in a loaf pan. Pour the jelly syrup, let it congeal, then spread the whipped-cream filling on top. Let it congeal, then invert it onto a chopping board and slice it.

Preparation time: 1 hour and 15 minutes + congeal
One portion: 637 kcal
Difficult to prepare

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